Optional fields:

  • Minimum quantity surcharge
  • Raw material surcharge
  • Variants
  • Parts lists
  • SAP material number


DIG.catman is the proven tool for suppliers to independently and transparently execute catalogue updates.

Catalog data

DIG.catman checks and completely automatically validates the entered catalogue data. Errors are automatically recognized and documented in a transparent fashion, so that the corrected version can be made available by the supplier in a short time. The transmission of images and other product information on the catalogue articles is obvious using DIG.catman.

If a new catalogue is available in a release domain, the buy is automatically informed ad-hoc by e-mail. In parallel, the responsible buyer receives a traceable and eloquent report on the modifications made to the catalogue. The new catalogue is only available to the user after release by the purchasing department.

The optional fields allow the expansion of the comfort and degree of automation of the processing to its highest degree.

We orient ourselves according to the BMEcat version 1.2. A switch to version 2.0 will occur in the medium term (services). We are at your service for any information concerning the structure. Details can also be found at http://www.bmecat.de.

Information on the DIG.catman-Tool can be found in the user manual.

Download link: https://portal.eprocure.at/cat/download/catman/Catman_Setup.zip