DIG connects


  • Quick entry in new markets thanks to incorporation of new business partners
  • Positive effect on the entire supply chain through accelerated efficient and fault-free processing.
  • Use of all advantages of improved payment conditions and reductions for buyers
  • Shortened supply times for product improvements
  • Transfer of social responsibility: Reduction of the CO2 emissions through reduction of paper-consuming processes

EDI solutions by DIG

The fully automatic electronic document processing between business partners forms the backbone of DIG services and individual solutions.

The complete execution of the data circulation occurs via the DIG clearing centre. Documents in all current formats are received, converted, forwarded and actively monitored. Our EDI team disposes of the newest technologies and an up-to-date branch know-how in order to quickly and easily implement complex connections.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI designates the electronic data exchange of structured data using message standards between the application systems of business partners. The messaging standards are agreements between companies or standardization propositions of inter-trade organization such as for example the VDA (union of the automotive industry).

A messaging standard is agreed upon before business partners wish to electronically exchange and process their documents. With software support of an EDI converter, the data to be transmitted from the sending application system are used, converted into the corresponding message format and made available to the receiver application system for processing.

DIG works with all common protocols and news formats.

More than 1 million electronic bills are exchanged every month between thousands of business partners via the DIG clearing centre. Rising trend. The numbers verify that DIG is Austria's technological leader in the domain of electronic business relations. Become a part of the international electronic network.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

DIG supports the concept for company-wide integration of the business functions along the value creation chain. Our service is designed so as to allow compatibility issue-free communication of data from different applications distributed on different platforms in the sense of data and business process integration. Contact us, our experts are happy to get in touch with you.

Procure-to-Pay-execution via the supplier portal (Web EDI)

Complete the input processes The starting point is the order that we electronically transmit to your business partner from your ERP system or from the DIG.procure platform in a processed form. In parallel, the order is made available to your business partner on the document platform via the own access data. The following documents agreed upon with your business partners such as for example contract confirmation, delivery notification, credit, billing etc. are transmitted in the most efficient manner for you (Acquisition via the web browser of the document portal, EDI, e-mail etc.).

Depending on the defined services and processes, the documents are either made available as an electronic data set for further processing in the ERP system or the set validation rules, plausibility tests as well as work-flows act so that final bookings may be performed. The documents are visible in the respective entry books for both business partners using various views and rights with the respective status, independent of the input source.