DIG as an outstanding leading company in Austria and Germany

Help desk

  • We are at your side in information and action during your daily activities via our multi-level support-level concept.
  • A modern ticket system forms the base of our activity, allowing you to follow any problem from reception up to the solution at any time.
  • You may reach us under +43 732 615 119-99 or helpdesk@dig.at from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 17:00.


The desires and needs or our customers are our top priority. This makes DIG a leading company in Austria and Germany in the fields of services since September 2015.


We stand apart through our particular view of the context that we have acquired, evaluated and integrated from other activity domains, department or market conditions.
Our counsellors are not only responsible for the efficient implementation within the given time and budget, but also accompany you beyond this in your daily activities.
The services are structured as follows:

  • Common determination of the requirements and targets
  • Kick-off workshops
  • Creation of requirements specifications and acceptance conditions
  • Process counselling
  • Goods groups strategy
  • Customizing
  • Creation of work-flow requirements
  • Interface specification
  • Training for key-users and administrators
  • Migration competence

Project management

DIG sees the basis for the successful implementation of the project in an open and trusting communication. A continuous project management is followed during the entire project running time, based on standardized methods and tools as well as a sustainable quality assurance.

Catalogue service

Our employees in the catalogue service are specialists on the subject of electronic catalogues. You are the first communication partners for our suppliers and internal employees with the following services:

  • Communication interface between you and your suppliers
  • Catalogue onboarding (content, web-shop (OCI), internal catalogues)
  • Counsel on technical specifications (BMECat, eCl@ss-Structure, Figures etc.)
  • Provision of and training on DIG Catman
  • Counsel on document integration via interfaces
  • Monitoring

Data centre

Our system is available around the clock, 365 days a year, with the exception of planned and agreed interruptions for maintenance and repair. With A1 telecom, we have a competent partner in terms of data centres at our side.