Procurement/Purchasing with better usability thanks to Guided Buying add-on

Decentralized procurement with centralized control - our intuitive user guidance makes the goal tangible: The DIG Guided Buying add-on easily allows the design of a company- and user-specific user guidance. This guarantees that procurement guidelines are adhered to completely without training and inquiries to the purchasing department - maverick buying is thus a thing of the past!

More purchasing efficiency

Guided Buying supports the establishment of a single point of purchase with clear, goal-oriented structures: Regardless of whether a smartphone or a repair is ordered, DIG Guided Buying creates maximum efficiency as a convenient buying assistant with individually configurable user guidance. The add-on is also available for existing solutions.

Logical tile structure, quick orientation

With the tiling system, all content can be structured individually for each user. Behind each tile (e.g. "office equipment") there can be any number of others (e.g. "stationery", "office furniture", etc.), and each product/service can be assigned to different procurement channels (catalog, marketplace, free text, etc.). This ensures that all purchases are made from the preferred suppliers in accordance with the rules.

Significant simplification and relief for the purchasing department

The Guided Buying add-on is thus a further building block for transparent procurement: For this purpose, requesters are guided on a central platform through the respective procurement process, whether catalog or free-text order, tender or similar. At the same time, of course, all guidelines are adhered to, such as certain approval processes above certain value limits. Simple and intuitive, without any training or support from purchasing.

Convenient user interface

The underlying procurement systems are controlled via Guided Buying as an individual user interface. This means that all processes run as intended: from the creation of the order to the transfer of master data, account assignments, etc. DIG's Guided Buying module thus guides the user safely through the entire procurement process, from the search to the completion of the respective intended order path.

We would be happy to tell you how to improve the usability of your e-procurement system with Guided Buying!

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