Flexibler als EDI: FDI von DIG

Channel 4: Full power with XML by mail!

Since the EU standard EN 16931 of June 2017, public authorities must be able to send and receive invoices in XML format. This has led to ERP systems being upgraded to output this format. It is precisely this standardization that opens up a fast lane on the information highway for business documents.

A mailbox that can be used by all

The invoices in XML format are structured in Germany and Austria according to the standards ZUGFeRD and ebInterface. This means that there are uniform specifications as to which data is contained in which fields. Therefore, the invoice traffic from the business partner to the customer can take place via a simple mailbox, from which the DIG Portal retrieves the data and - thanks to the uniform format with only one mapping - further processes it at full EDI level. As a result, no costs for connections (routing) to the individual suppliers are incurred for invoices. The business partners, in turn, can provide the desired data without further effort by means of uncomplicated mail dispatch, the increasing implementation of standards (ZUGFeRD and ebInterface) in their ERP and accounting systems.

Can also be used for other documents

This standardization for invoices can also be used for other documents through the DIG channel XML per mail: All that is needed is a corresponding agreement between customer and business partner regarding the structure of the XML file or an overlap in the ERP systems regarding the formats. An example: If the customer and vendor both use SAP (which is widely used), an SAP IDoc can also be sent via mailbox and processed as with a direct EDI connection. The same applies to different ERP systems if they are capable of outputting files in the same formats.

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