e-Billing portals for Bundesbeschaffung GmbH

The objective was to find a solution for billing the contract partners and third-party clients which allows suppliers to bill the BBG in electronic form, and which allows for forwarding to the customer and optionally to the federal company service portal (https://www.usp.gv.at/). The objective was to create a fully integrated electronic billing process.

With the e-Billing gateway, DIG provides a complete solution for the federation or third-party customers.

The BBG e-Billing gateway operated by DIG prevents compatibility issues between the individual systems (BBG e-Shop, BBG DCS, client system, system of the accountants, company service portal). Electronic bills can thereby be continuously and automatically processed.

The BBG's customers not only comprise the federal services, but also all federal state and every third Austrian commune. A large part of the outsourced companies, universities and health facilities already rely on offers from the BBG. Around 1.2 billion Euro were transacted through the BBG's contracts in 2014.