DIG & SWQL – a success story

The aim of the project was to newly and professionally institutionalize quality assurance in the software development. A process optimization in the domains of regression testing, test management and requirements specification also belong to our targets.

The challenge lied in the evaluation of existing processes that grew of the years in combination with a dynamic, continuously developed and complex distributed legacy system.

We were able to extract the following as prospects for solutions:

- Analysis of the development processes
- Creation of a test concept
- Accompanying tests, regression tests
- Introduction of automated tests
- Documentation of the test management
- Training of the developer and project manager

Purpose for our customers:

- Significant increase of the software quality
- Traceability of the test results
- Support in the incorporation of newly hired co-workers
- Reduction of the software errors notified by the customer

Please download the PDF for further details on this project!