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Since 2001 we have been specializing in cross-divisional total solutions for the automation of purchasing. In view of this experience, we are more convinced than ever of the value of the greatest possible flexibility. Using a special software architecture, we create working environments that are based on actual customer needs rather than on rigidly prescribed functions. In this way, we make know-how and technologies from which international corporations benefit also available to medium-sized businesses. Because a sustainable increase in competitiveness can be achieved for everyone!

More security for digitisation projects From best experience, DIG relies on three proven steps: initiate, optimize and automate. Already in consulting we see the initial spark for successful digitalization. In these workshops, existing information processes and workflows are analyzed, optimization potential is defined and a resilient digitization concept is created by involving all participants. This serves as a roadmap for the future and as a basis for exact cost calculation, which DIG is known for adhering to. This is not least due to the already mentioned flexibility of our software: adaptations are also made easier retrospectively and business automation is implemented cost-efficiently and with planning reliability independent of existing ERP systems. Long term companion up to complete P2P As an owner-managed company, we accompany our customers personally - and are proud of our long-standing partnerships with international corporations, among others. We measure our success critically - both in terms of the degree of business optimisation achieved and the increase in added value and professionalism in the respective customer processes. By combining document flow optimization and e-procurement, we are one of the few providers on the market able to implement complete solutions for end-to-end Purchase-to-Pay (P2P). With various services (e.g. supplier catalogue connection) and reliable after-sales services, we ensure convenient system introduction and worry-free operation. Currently, well over 100,000 users, more than 1,500 networked companies and over 800 connected suppliers are benefiting from this!

Vier Experten für Business-Digitalisierung: das DIG Management

Consistent success course after management buyout

Out of personal conviction and enthusiasm for the business field of business automation, four key managers took over responsibility for the company on February 10, 2016. With this step, DIG was optimally aligned for the future by sharpening and expanding its core competencies in line with technical trends in the market and securing the necessary operating financing.

Since then, the quartet around the experienced IT entrepreneur Friedrich Baumann (CEO) has been developing successful products and services that further strengthen DIG's profile as a leading provider in the areas of document flow optimization, e-procurement and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P).

Picture from left to right
- Leopold Binder - CFO - Finance & Controlling
- Friedrich Baumann - CEO
- Harald Allerstorfer - COO - Customer Relations, Consulting & Project Management
- Dieter Dobersberger - CTO - Order Fulfillment Management