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Billing of our support services
A good partnership needs clear rules. That's why we communicate openly in which cases we have to charge for support services.

Take advantage of our helpdesk flat rate!

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For further information please contact our Customer Service: DIG Customer Service Mo. - Fr. 7:00 - 17:00 o'clock +43 732 615 119 99

Error case - bug

In case of an error caused by the Business Partner, they will be corrected immediately and without a separate order. The costs for these error corrections shall be borne by the party causing the error. We ask for your understanding that the assessment regarding "billable" or "non-billable" will be made only after successful solution. The quick solution has top priority.

Implementation settings

If settings are to be implemented that the business partner could carry out himself, these are also charged.

Implement changes/corrections to accepted systems (less than 2 hours)

Changes or corrections in already accepted systems, which take less than 2 hours, are handled without a separate order.

Change requests/corrections over 2 hours

For change requests or corrections that take more than 2 hours, a separate quote or order will be issued. Please note that we stop all processes until the order is placed and inform the parties concerned to ensure warranty.

Billing in 15-minute units from go-live

Services already provided can be reversed if no order or payment is made. Customers with a helpdesk flat rate are excluded from these billing cases.