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EDI is a real booster for more efficient supply chain management - provided that the complexity of the supply chain is analyzed and considered accordingly.

This is exactly what DIG takes care of with EDI consulting, flexible 4-way EDI (FDI or flexible data interchange) and over two decades of experience with all common protocols and message formats in all possible combinations. With the Fully Managed EDI Services DIG takes over the complete setup and operation of the EDI connections. As a transparent partner DIG offers all services that are needed for the successful operation of an EDI solution!

Service 1: independent EDI consulting

In the course of globalization, supply chains have grown - and with them the challenges and benefits of EDI implementation. The different sizes, requirements and demands of the various business partners require maximum flexibility of the technical solution. This is guaranteed by DIG as a very rare provider offering all solutions in EDI through four channels. For your project, this means independent consulting without technical limitations that stand in the way of an ideal solution.

Listen, understand, develop solutions: EDI Consulting

Service 2: future-proof EDI conception

The basic approach of DIG's EDI consulting is the involvement of all stakeholders for a sound analysis of the supplier structure and all information processes and workflows. From this step the realistic optimization potential results. From the individual prerequisites and foreseeable future developments in the supplier structure, the appropriate EDI types or routing channels are derived, which are presented accordingly in the digitization concept (direct EDI or point-to-point EDI, Web EDI, PDF by mail or XML by mail). This solution flexibility is complemented by the DIG software architecture, which allows any expansion of the channels used at any time. This means that additional channels can be enabled at a later date and new functions created to guarantee you what matters when investing in EDI: future-proofing.

Service 3: Scalability without personnel costs

The goals of EDI are more process efficiency, better supplier relationships and, last but not least, cost savings! On the way there, however, additional costs may be incurred in the course of implementation problems, which significantly extend the payback period. Especially the development of own EDI capabilities and organizational structures for the set-up and operation of an EDI solution or the introduction of EDI at the trading partners are cost drivers that should not be underestimated. The reputation costs in the case of a poorly running EDI implementation are also a significant disruptive factor, especially against the background of overloaded supply chains. On the other hand, the complete implementation including the connection of all partners and maintenance by the EDI experts of DIG as a full service. This allows you to offer an unlimited number of business partners state-of-the-art document flow options. And all this without any internal effort.

Service 4: 24/7 monitoring and customer support

At DIG, we understand EDI as a mission-critical function. Monitoring data traffic and proactively preventing problems are therefore part of DIG's corporate philosophy of partnership. Every route and every document is monitored during operation - 24/7, all year round. A specially programmed solution monitors the individual processes and reliably reports errors such as a failed transmission to the support experts. As a rule, they take care of solving the problem before it becomes known to our customers. To monitor the entire system and the individual modules, DIG uses the proven monitoring software from Icinga. Depending on the customer's requirements, we also optimize this with regard to individual processes that are to be monitored particularly closely. In addition, the customer is provided with a transaction monitor, via which all document flows can be controlled and analyzed in an overview.

In the cloud. In Fort Knox.

Because your business needs absolute security.

Service 5: maximum secure cloud solution

The DIG Portal is operated as a cloud solution via certified data centers of A1 Telekom Austria (Austria's largest data center provider - the Fort Knox for data security). For failover, the servers are mirrored across two sites. Backups are created according to the grandfather-father-son principle: This generational principle provides that multiple backups are always available at different time increments for possible system recovery. In addition, an encrypted physical backup is stored every night at another, secret location. The A1 data centers also impress as a Tier 3 data center with the highest standards of system technology, energy efficiency and data security: this includes physical access protection and its own guard service, alarm system, video surveillance and fire defense, as well as redundant components, dual servers and multiple, active and passive supply paths, e.g. for the necessary air conditioning. Availability is 99.98 percent, which corresponds to a maximum downtime of 1.6 hours per year. With state-of-the-art encryption and security features such as single sign-on, two-factor authentication (2FA), role-based access control, authentication logging and a strong password policy, as well as regular security audits and careful patch management, the secure operation of the software is guaranteed.

  • Server mirroring at two locations and additional physical backup
  • Backups according to Grandfather-Father-Son principle
  • 99.98 percent availability
  • fail-safe cloud solution in tier-3 data centers of A1 Telekom Austria

Proven structure convinces thousands of EDI participants

The services presented ensure that more than one million documents pass through the DIG Clearing Center every month. We would be happy to reveal to you how the smooth exchange of business documents inspires thousands of EDI participants all over the world and what advantages this has for you in a no-obligation EDI consultation.

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