Full-service with expert know-how

As an EDI specialist and service provider, DIG has experience with all common protocols and message formats in all possible combinations! We take over the complete setup and operation of the EDI connections.

Technically independent consulting

DIG is the only provider that offers all solutions in EDI via four channels. This means independent consulting for your project without technical restrictions. In workshops, all parties involved are involved, information processes and procedures are analysed, optimisation potential is defined and the optimal digitalisation concept is created from this. Our flexible software architecture enables us to develop solutions that grow with your business. Thus, additional channels can be activated at a later date and new functions can be created to guarantee you what is important: future security.

Arbitrarily scalable solution

In a joint project, the desired target format and the input channel are defined according to the existing technical possibilities - the complete implementation including all partner connections are provided as a full service by DIG and are continuously maintained by our EDI experts. This saves customers from having to set up an IT infrastructure and their own special department - and offers state-of-the-art document flow options to an unlimited number of business partners.


24/7 monitoring

Every route and every document is monitored during operation - 24/7 all year round! In case of a failed transmission, our support experts take over the escalation and take care of the solution of the problem - usually before our customers know about it.

In addition, the customer is provided with a transaction monitor, which can be used to control and analyse all document flows.


Maximum security through redundant data center

The DIG portal is operated as a cloud solution via certified data centers of A1 Telekom Austria. For failover, the servers are mirrored across two locations. Backups are stored on-site and encrypted off-site using the grandfather-father-son principle. Physical access protection and an in-house security service as well as the equipment with alarm system, video surveillance and fire protection are a matter of course. With state-of-the-art encryption and security features such as single sign-on, two-factor authentication, role-based access control, authentication logging and a strong password policy as well as regular security audits and careful patch management, secure operation of the software is guaranteed.

Proven structure

In this way, more than one million documents pass through the DIG Clearing Centre every month. Our services ensure the smooth exchange of business documents between thousands of participants all over the globe.