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Our strengths for your business digitization.

Digitization means more than the transformation of analog processes or the automation of manual activities: Rather, the networking of all stakeholders creates real digital transformation in the sense of a positive change in internal company processes and business models! New efficiency, new competitiveness and new market opportunities are the result that we achieve together with you as a stable partner.

Since 2001, we have been implementing cross-divisional total solutions for comprehensive purchasing automation: from eProcurement to automated document flow and invoice receipt to complete Purchase-to-Pay (P2P). On the basis of a powerful standard and almost unlimited customization through our flexible software architecture, we create working environments that are geared to actual customer needs instead of forcing users into a tight corset of rigidly prescribed functions. In this way, we create intuitively usable workflows for an optimal, sustainable increase in competitiveness - and all this within a very attractive cost framework with short payback times. In this way, we also make our experience with international corporations available to medium-sized businesses, so that all processes can be implemented at the highest technological level, from automated document flow to eProcurement and complete purchase-to-pay (P2P).

Using software economically as a capital good

With this goal in mind, we analyze existing structures in companies and, taking into account the individual prerequisites and ongoing processes, work out precisely those pains where there is potential for optimization. On this basis, we define the best possible workflow together with you - while keeping an eye on the economic aspect of existing software. Thanks to the flexibility of our architecture, we are in the comfortable position of being able to adapt our solution in such a way that the necessary bridges to existing systems can be built. In this way, with a great deal of technological flair, existing software is integrated in an economically sensible way into a new, optimally running overall system and continues to be used.

How can existing software be integrated and reused as economically as possible? The enormous flexibility of DIG allows an ideal structure of the new workflow.

Initiate, optimize and automate: DIG consistently relies on these three steps in all projects for a resilient digitization concept as a roadmap to the future!

Implementation security for digitization projects

Document flow, eProcurement or Purchase-to-Pay (P2P): DIG relies on the three proven steps of initiate, optimize and automate. As already mentioned, we see the initial spark for successful digitization in consulting! In these workshops, existing information processes and workflows are analyzed with the involvement of all participants, optimization potential is defined, and a resilient digitization concept is created. This serves as a roadmap to the eProcurement or document flow future and as a basis for an exact cost calculation, which DIG is known for adhering to even in complex P2P solutions. This is made possible not only by the flexibility of our software, but also by our in-house principle: Instead of relying on system implementers, we implement all solutions ourselves - individual wishes are therefore reliably realized in a short way with the direct involvement of software development.

Personal services and development

As a technological partner, however, we also ensure the best real-world conditions under which our solutions prove themselves: This is how the onboarding services for catalog suppliers in the eProcurement area and the various monitoring and customer support services in EDI came about. Our focus is not only on the most convenient operation of the solutions, but also on future-oriented further development: Whether the integration of other requirement reporting tools, efficient tenders, optimized storage costs, the maintenance of supplier relationships (SRM) or compliance-compliant purchasing optimization, we continue to develop your business digitization at the pulse of time!

With various services DIG ensures a comfortable operation and is constantly expanding the solutions!

Short distances and the personal accessibility of the owners make the cooperation with DIG!

Advantage of an owner-managed specialist

Out of personal conviction and enthusiasm for business automation, four key managers took over responsibility for the company on February 10, 2016. This step aligned DIG in the best possible way for the future by sharpening and expanding its core competencies in line with technical trends on the market and securing the necessary operating financing. Since then, the company has been developing successful products and services that further strengthen DIG's profile as a leading provider in the areas of document flow optimization, e-procurement and purchase-to-pay (P2P). At the end of 2020, Friedrich Baumann stepped down from his position as CEO of DIG. Today, Dieter Dobersberger, Leopold Binder and Harald Allerstorfer guarantee the promise of an owner-managed specialist.

We take digitization personally

Business digitization is more of a marathon than a sprint. That's why we score points with long-term reliable partnership: We accompany companies from the first consulting to the optimal solution conception to personal services during operation!