Purchasing: Strategist beats discount hunter!

Digitization for operational and strategic SRM

Strategic work is becoming increasingly important in purchasing and holds enormous value creation potential. The digitization of procurement through eProcurement as well as automation in the processing of business documents plays a central role in this by creating time resources, qualitative data material, evaluation options, etc.

From this point of view, the combination of DIG's concentrated competence (eProcurement and EDI) and all possibilities in SRM (through the partnership with the specialist curecomp Software Services GmbH) forms a powerful basis for comprehensive solutions in operational and strategic purchasing.

Optimized procurement thanks to SRM

Strategic SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is essential in the face of supply chain disruptions and dynamic geopolitical movements. Reports and analyses always ensure a full overview of all procurement processes including optimization opportunities.

  • Strategic supplier management based on ERP data
  • Flexible supplier evaluations and quality process
  • uniformly structured product groups
  • practical functionalities in risk management

Full supply chain integration

A good example of productive cooperation with curecomp is the EDI full connection of the respective company ERP: As an EDI specialist, DIG enables fully automated customer-supplier communication and thus the complete integration of the solution into the supply chain. This alternative to the web portal (standard of curecomp) pays off especially in case of a regularly higher data exchange rate (e.g. order items or change notifications), because errors due to manual transmissions are completely excluded and processing times are saved. DIG's Fully Managed EDI Services enable the connection of all message types in all standard market formats and transmission protocols.

From Procure-to-Pay to SRM - expandable solutions create added value!

How to use modern procurement tools and redefine the role of purchasing for your company's success with VMI, SRM, P2P and much more? We'll tell you!

EDI: automatic transfer of documents

A wide variety of messages are exchanged between the customer and supplier ERP systems in a fully automated manner using EDI: orders and associated changes, order confirmations, delivery notifications, credit notes, invoices, or even requirements data and delivery schedules. Thus, the automation of all practically relevant business connections is possible. This reduces the workload of the purchasing department, which now only works in its own ERP system (instead of in the web portal, as was previously the case). As a result, value-adding tasks related to strategic purchasing can be performed more effectively!

Best performance in operational SRM including VMI

From order processing (procure-to-pay or purchase-to-pay or P2P) to catalog and transport management, requests and tenders to process workflows and much more, the joint solution from curecomp and DIG meets all the requirements of modern procurement. VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) can also be fully implemented: Thus, based on customer-defined parameters (e.g. lot size, procurement period, etc.), order proposals are transmitted to the ERP system to automate the customer-supplier relationship. Data on future demand also makes it easier for suppliers to plan internally for optimum supply security.

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How to take SRM to a new level to make your business even stronger.