Channel 3: Fully automated document flow with PDF documents

As a channel, DIG.easyconnect offers exactly what the name promises: incredibly easy access to full EDI convenience via the DIG Portal. For this purpose, data from PDF documents is converted accordingly for fully automated further processing and checked at the DIG Portal according to the customer's requirements, prepared and transferred to the target system in the desired format.

OCR and intelligent content analysis

In the first step, incoming PDF documents are converted into machine-readable text using OCR. These are analysed by special software and the results are checked for validity and readout rate. The success rate depends on the class, quality, structure and formatting of the original document.

The recognition reliability of the fields and readout of the values is marked with a point value. A threshold value can be defined, from which the validation in a web interface is initiated by defined employees. The system continuously learns about the structure depending on the sender by marking and saving unrecognized fields in the graphical user interface. As a cloud solution, the software learns from the input of all users and thus offers everyone faster learning progress.

The data read out is structured by converting it into an XML file, which allows all the advantages of an EDI document flow to be used.

Better detection rate through DIG training

In addition to the Validator training, there is the possibility to commission the DIG with the training. In doing so, further recognition rules for individual senders and document types can be added, especially with regard to recognition by position data. In this way, the recognition rate can be maximised to such an extent that normally only individual cases have to be corrected in the Validator process.

With our services we find the optimal channel for your requirements and ensure carefree, safe operation!

Full EDI connection via mail and XML? An EU standard makes it possible - how this infrastructure can also be used for other documents, we show on XML per mail!

We would be pleased to show you personally how you can integrate partners who can or want to send only PDF files into your document flow workflow with DIG!