Flexibler als EDI: FDI von DIG

Channel 2: web.EDI as online portal for suppliers

In the menu item EDI the requirements of a classical connection for electronic data interchange were presented. However, these requirements cannot be met by all suppliers. But even without the possibility to send structured data, you do not have to do without the advantages of EDI! For this purpose, DIG provides an online portal for suppliers.

Quick and easy to use

In order to enable companies to enjoy all the advantages of a classic EDI connection in their data traffic with their business partners, the latter are given personal access to the web portal where they receive documents. For this purpose, information about the receipt is sent by e-mail and a direct link takes the supplier directly to the business document (e.g. to the request for quotation). Here, the supplier not only has the option of downloading this document, but also of directly entering a corresponding response document (e.g. a quotation).

Document creation from the web portal

This document creation function makes the DIG web.EDI more than just a mailbox. Subsequent documents such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, credit notes, invoices etc. can be issued directly by filling out an online form.

The advantage: Due to the mandatory fields provided and the automatic transfer of data (e.g. from the order for the order confirmation) as well as an automatic pre-analysis, incorrect entries are avoided, the invoice is processed immediately at the recipient's premises and the invoice run is shortened.

Further benefits for the supplier

In addition to simple document creation, the system can also be used for dialogues: Questions and answers e.g. about an order are saved directly with the corresponding documents and can be called up at any time (if the customer allows this). The vendor thus has his own system for managing his documents. However, web.EDI also enables the transmission of further documents such as technical drawings for individually manufactured parts. This saves the often complicated exchange via FTP server or similar.

Full EDI performance from input

After entering all data in the form (e.g. order confirmation), all information is handled at the DIG Portal in terms of a full document flow automation and transferred to the target system.

With our services we find the optimal channel for your requirements and ensure carefree, safe operation!

For all partners who find web portal access too cumbersome, the DIG solution PDF per mail is the ideal solution!

We would be pleased to show you personally how DIG enables you to have a perfect document flow with all suppliers with a web.EDI solution!