Flexibler als EDI: FDI von DIG

Channel 1: EDI for structured data exchange

Fully automated communication, perfect document flow and efficient data exchange between permanently connected partners: this is what EDI (electronic data interchange) enables. EDI partners clarify how messages are received or sent (routing), in which structures information is sent and which file formats are used on both sides to translate them into the other (mapping).

Requirements for connecting two ERP systems

There are various protocols for transmitting messages via EDI. These regulate the exchange of data between computers or processes that are connected to each other. Such transmission protocols are e.g. X400, OFTP, SMTP, AS2 and countless others.

In addition to the transmission protocol, the structure of the messages is also important: There are countless of these worldwide, some of which are industry-specific and others region-specific. SWIFT is used in the banking sector, EDIFACT is the responsibility of the Economic Commission for Europe and the United Nations, ANSI is a standard mainly used in the USA, VDA is the standard of the German automotive industry, ODETTE is the standard of the European automotive industry, GALIA is the French automotive standard and many more. These standards define message types such as call-off, request for quotation, order, order confirmation, delivery note or invoice and provide a certain structure for them so that the contents can be processed accordingly.

The third challenge is that many ERP systems have their own standards (e.g. SAPiDoc), and not every ERP system supports every transmission path. Thus the ERP system and the technical possibilities of the customer determine how and which data can be received. These three factors result in about 400 different combinations!

As an EDI specialist and service provider, DIG has experience with all common protocols and message formats in all possible combinations, and handles the complete setup of EDI connections. Customers only specify the desired target format and the input channel into their target system, all partner connections are created as full service and are continuously maintained by our EDI experts. This saves customers the need to set up an IT infrastructure and their own specialist department - and offers state-of-the-art document flow options for an unlimited number of business partners.

With our services we find the optimal channel for your requirements and ensure carefree, safe operation!

The DIG solution web.EDI is an alternative to classical EDI!

We would be pleased to show you personally how DIG ensures a perfect document flow in your company with an EDI solution tailored to your needs!