By mail into the EDI business class!

Channel 4: Full EDI at low cost with XML by mail!

If it is not profitable to set up a full-fledged EDI route, but full EDI convenience for data exchange is still desired, DIG simply turns the eMailbox into an EDI channel!

This is made possible by the EU requirement standard EN 16931 from June 2017. Since then, public authorities must be able to send and receive invoices in XML format. This has led to ERP systems being upgraded accordingly to be able to output this format. In fact, a standardized format has thus emerged, which DIG uses as a fast lane on the data highway for business documents!

ZUGFeRD and ebInterface turn mailbox into EDI input channel

The two standards ZUGFeRD (Germany) and ebInterface (Austria) specify the structures for invoices in XML format. This means nothing other than that there are uniform specifications as to which fields contain which data! And this has enormous consequences: This means that invoices can be sent between business partners via a simple mailbox. The DIG Portal automatically retrieves the data from this mailbox, which, thanks to the standardized format, can be further processed at full EDI level with just one mapping (and therefore at a correspondingly low cost). For invoices, this means that no costs are incurred for connections (routing) to the individual suppliers. The business partners, in turn, can provide the desired data without further effort by means of uncomplicated mail dispatch.

Can also be used for other receipts

This standardization for invoices can also be used for other documents via the DIG Channel XML by mail: All that is needed is a corresponding agreement between the customer and the business partner with regard to the structure of the XML file or an overlap in the ERP systems with regard to the formats. Example: If customer and supplier both use SAP (which is widely used) an SAP IDoc can also be sent via mailbox and processed as with a direct EDI connection. The same applies to different ERP systems if they are able to output files in the same formats.

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